I am a southern California native celebrating my 25th year, taking in The beautiful world around me.

I spent my days with sand in my hair, running along the shoreline at Silverstrand as I prepared to take that first plunge into the refreshing salt water rushing around my calves. I grew up embracing the power of our ocean’s waves and gaining an understanding for the respect that our planet deserves. Although I am forever rooted to the relaxed vibes of Ventura County, I decided over 4 years ago that I needed a change of scenery. My transition was a comfortable and familiar one as I resettled on the opposite end of the country in East Hampton, New York.

This changed my life in ways that I could not have ever anticipated, but that I am so grateful for. My early 20’s bred a whirlwind of emotions and transitions that have helped shaped the woman I have am today. A woman who is, now, more invested than ever in becoming the best version of myself that I can be. The support I have, the mindset I have created, and the patience I have allowed for myself and others, has made for a harmonious growth process.

I am open to receiving these changes and eager to introduce them to the people around me through traveling, fueling my body and mind with nourishment, and by expanding my knowledge and consciousness about the world I walk upon. The Earth has always provided for me, and it is my turn to reciprocate.