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As for the more “in depth” individuals, let’s really dive into this whole water thing…


It’s one of the most precious resources on Earth, and with that, it is one of our most wasted and under appreciated assets. Not only does water make up around 71 percent of our planet’s surface, but over 50 percent of our bodies are made up of water.

For most, the accessibility has left us blind to the fact that the fresh water we need actually does come with a limit to the supply.


The water we all need to survive is becoming more and more scarce.


Only around 3% is freshwater and, of that, almost two-thirds of this water is frozen, making it inaccessible to us. This means we must take steps to form a better relationship with the water we have left.

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We need to take action

Here are some crucial ways we can go about this:

  • Cut down or eliminate single use plastic consumption

An astonishing 32% of the 78 million tons of plastic produced annually eventually makes its home in our oceans as most of it is not recycled. This means that, by 2050, we could potentially have more plastic in our oceans than fish. A reduction in each of our plastic consumption would make a night and day difference.

  • be conscious of water waste in every day life

    The average American uses about 90 gallons of water each day, that’s over 32,000 gallons per year for one human being. In places where water is noticeably more sparse, a single family can functionally live off less than 10 gallons.

  • Educate ourselves on water quality and tools used for improving our water

    Studies show that we could be using around 20% less water by installing water efficient units in our homes and places of work. The US alone drinks about 110 million gallons of water each year, so why not ensure that water is of the best quality it can be.


After taking in all this information, i researched the best options to promote a sustainable relationship with my water…


Kangen water.

as explained in the video above, kangen water produces 7 different levels of custom ph water which all play a different role in enhancing your water experience in your every day life. Whether you are using the water for cooking, cleaning, or drinking, the powerful components in the water help improve your overall wellness in their own unique ways.